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03/13/07 22:02

Travelers Checks

Thank author of this post/commentI was trying to decide on the type of cash to have on hand when I visit Panama. Are travelers checks widely used in Panama? Or, do they prefer cash and credit cards?
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Comment 1
03/14/07 06:15
Montevideo, Uruguay
Thank author of this post/commentYou best bet is some cash... always take some small bills... I couldn't buy a $5 tourist card at the airport with a $20 and you need that to enter!

A credit card is good for hotels and some restaurants and a ATM card is good for getting cash when you need it.

Panama uses US dollars so there no exchange issues.

Comment 2
03/14/07 11:51
Thank author of this post/commentYes, cash is the way to go and small bills. It seems that people really don't have change. So you should probably bring bills from $10.00 and less. Also, include your debit card because Panama has lots of ATM machines.
Comment 3
03/14/07 11:57
Deep South, Ga
Thank author of this post/commentYou will probably have to cash the travelers checks at a bank as some businesses don`t like to accept them (takes up to 21 days in Panama to clear a travelers check). Travelers checks are the safest money document to travel with, but be prepared to stand in line and at some small banks.
Comment 4
03/14/07 18:32
Thank author of this post/commentYes, it's important to have cash with change. The last trip that I went on I had problems getting change because I just had big bills. I really regret not leaving a tip for this one guy.
Comment 5
12/04/08 10:32

How do travelers checks work and why would it take 21 days to clear?
Comment 6
02/26/09 14:38

Umm i am not being rude, but there is such things now a days as a debit card. They work worldwide, and you can access your money at anytime and take out whatever you need whenever you need it, and you can also use your debit card for any purchases you make. So just do this, and maybe carry $50.00 in cash on you broken fown into small bills, and change.
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