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02/09/11 12:51

Travel time from downtown PC to Tocumen airport

Thank author of this post/commentTo be at PTY around 6:30 for an 8:45am flight to the US, can anyone recommend what time to leave my down-town hotel? How bad is traffic at the 6:30-7am hour?

I'm considering staying in Tocumen, but would prefer down-town.

Alternativly, are there good restaurants or anything to do in the area?

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Comment 1
02/10/11 04:32
New York
Thank author of this post/comment"Airport Hotels"

I've never found a suitable hotel near the airport.... I've always been forced to make the expensive trip to downtown. I don't recall how long it takes, but I think at that hour there won't be much traffic.

Hopefully someone else has some more detailed information.

Comment 2
02/11/11 20:54

Thanks for posting those information in here. I have been thinking of getting in Panama for a vacation and it would be a lot of help if any good tips and suggestions as to the mode of transportation in here as well. I am sure to have some good time in there. Anyway, thanks a lot for all of those information and have a great day ahead to all of you.
Comment 3
02/14/11 13:56
Thank author of this post/comment"Still curious "

Hi all. I'm still curious about travel times from down-town (Riu) to Tocumon around 7am- any thoughts?

Alternatively, is there anything to do or see or have dinner in Tocumon? or will we most likely prefer to stay around down-town?

Thanks very much,


Comment 4
02/21/11 08:51

Hi there!

I am going to Panama next week and this is going to be my first time to come in this beautiful city. I just wonder how long will it take me to travel from Tocumen airport going downtown. I am to meet a friend and I just want to know the length of time I will have to travel so I can fix my schedule.

Thank you so much and have a great day to all!

Comment 5
02/23/11 03:04

It is really fun to go around Panama and see the beautiful places that have preserved many historical events in the country. Well if you would go downtown there is a lot of good public transportation that you can ride on. The most common means of transportation there is bus and train. Other than that, many people would go by plane, car, or taxi when they go to other places in Panama.
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    Transportation Panama 'Travel time from downtown PC to Tocumen airport'
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