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06/30/10 23:30

Food Prices in Panama

Hi to all, I would like to know more about the country of Panama most especially about the food prices in the said country. i am about to move in the said country with my family and I would like to know more about this matter. If you can share here some good information regarding my concern kindly keep them all posted here. Thanks a lot and I will be waiting for all of your posts.
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Comment 1
07/01/10 19:03
International Citizen :-)
Thank author of this post/comment"Food is generally cheaper but ..."

First of all, congratulations on your decision to move to Panama. I am sure you will love it.

As far as your specific questions go about the food, well, it depends what you mean, and where you are from. But here are some general answers that should be helpful.

Local produce and vegitables will almost definately be cheaper than you are used to. In general, if it comes from here, it is inexpensive.

Seafood, the same rule applies. It is definately cheaper here for local fish, shrimp, prawn, lobster and crab. I always found Seattle a ripoff, that it is where crab is caught, but they still wanted 16 dollars a pound for it.

Beef. To be honest, it is tough to find good beef. And good beef is imported from the US or Argentina, so you will pay the same price as those places, plus a shipping fee.

Chicken, definately cheaper, and much better quality here. At least in my opinion.

Restaurants vary a lot, from very inexpensive places where the locals eat to more expensive when aimed at tourists. But, that being said, a very expensive meal here is $25 plus drinks. Most decent restaurants have meals ranging from $12 - $17. In Seattle, you can't go out anywhere decent for under about 25 - 30 bucks a person. Even a sub costs 12 or 13 bucks now.

But, if you are into the cheaper, family style restaurants in the US (12 - 17) you will find as good or better quality at that price range. Other places in the states might be cheaper, but if you compare to Seattle, LA, New York etc., it is cheaper here. If you want to compare it to some middle of no where place in the US, you might find it cheaper there.

Comment 2
09/11/10 21:24
Colorado, USA
Thank author of this post/comment"Food (restaraunt) prices -"

Just a few more cents' worth on this - my buddy and I visited Panama last spring, and of course ate out for every meal - although did buy a little fruit, etc for our road trip days (a delicious, ripe, sweet pineapple was 25 cents!). We ate in a very nice place in Panama City (restaraunt 'row') and the bill was around $50 - a bit pricey, but was very good, included drinks, dessert, etc. But ... we also stopped at a little roadside cafe somewhere and had chicken, rice 'n beans and salad for $2.00 (my buddy's was $2.50 - cuz he had a Coke). That was the cheapest. On average, I would say you can get a pretty decent meal anywhere for under $10.00. Alcoholic drinks (beer, wine) are very reasonable - I ordered a cup of coffee and a snifter of Grand Marnier at a place in David - $3.50! Selections are a bit limited unless you stick to the nicer spots. It is nice, though, to get a glass of wine for $3.00 instead of $6.00.

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