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08/12/05 17:37


If someone wanted to start a business in Chiriqui, what kind of business would be wanted or needed? Ice cream parlor, clothing store, pack and ship? Is there a special need that some one could fill and live in this community?
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the other washington
Thank author of this post/commentTo Ernesto M.D. - regarding your planned Longevity Spa in Boquete. I am an acupuncturist and herbalist with 13 yrs exp thinking of the possibilities of living and working in Panama, esp Boquete, David etc area.

Oriental Medicine is great for preventing as well as treating the common ailments of old age. Do you plan to have such medicine at your spa?

I would be interested in hearing more about it.


Comment 5
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And Ernesto and Isis, I am a massage therapist interested in moving to either Boquete or Altos Del Maria... so I"m interested in your spa.
Comment 6
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virginia US and Chitre Panama
Thank author of this post/commentLooking for custom builders for distinctive but small building ventures
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Thank author of this post/commentI'm looking into starting an herb farm near Puerto Armuelles. I want to sell herbs to restaurants etc...maybe make perfumes? I guess I'll need a business partner though?
Comment 8
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What are some of your building ideas you are interested in? I am a custom builder and specialize in many areas of construction.. Where is the location?

Please give me some contact information..

Thank You - Zachery -

Comment 9
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This response is to Trudy. Why dont you open a little store that has a little bit of everything you suggested. Like a little gas station without the pumps. A little store that sells food, pop, cigerettes, cigars, alcohol, ect. Stuff that people need/buy everyday. Good luck.
Comment 10
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That's a really great way to find out what kind of business would be a success- ask the locals straight out what they need! But why can't foreigners invest in business in Panama? That seems like a stupid rule! Whats the reason behind it?
Comment 11
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Pete! My friend! What are you doing in Afghanistan? Of all places. May I wish you the best of luck and head over here so you can be safe. The Talibans donīt play around. Mean folks. Ciao.
Comment 12
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True Jimmy, I always wonder what it is that makes governments prevent foreigners from owning businesses abroad. I guess the best way to win investor confidence is to allow foreign ownership of enterprises. Of course, the businessmen in question have to be people of proven excellent conduct. Finding a partner and registering any company in his or her name will be an option for most people for that matter.

Good question Trudy, that is an essential part of project appraisal.

Comment 13
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Vancouver, BC, or Seattle, WA
Thank author of this post/commentTo Ernesto and Isis: I am an acupuncturist and like to open a clinic in the area of David. I lived in Panama when I was younger where I actually graduated high school and still love my friends and homestay family there and always wanted to move back there. After so many difficulties in life, I will now take the opportunity to land there and explore the possibilities of business there. My son is now 16 and love the idea of the adventure. My dream is to have a health center where some patient may actually have to stay for a period of time to learn the healing process (better life style) including nutrition, growing your own organic food (I am an excellent gardener, I had 1/4 acre for 5 years), having treatments and rest and/or being active. That is my dream... but to start with I could certainly open a simple Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinic. It would be great to meet or chat of your plan, maybe we could join or help each other in the future. Ernesto, do you speak Spanish? Do you know lots of people in Panama. I have high school friends down there that either have businesses, works in the hospital, or in local politic. It is scary to do the move, but as we say "Not all who wonder are lost!" (Did I wrote that right? Sorry for my English, it is my third language. First one was French and then Spanish). Ernesto, is your future business would have room for Alternative Medicine, partnership, gringos or panamanians employees, etc? Love to hear from you two, Isis and Ernesto., Ciao.
Comment 14
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I am also wondering on what is the best business to come up in Panama. I am inclined to cooking, will a small restaurant do good? If it is, then i am wondering on what motif to pick up. I mean, what kind of foods or cuisine should i consider when i happen to open up a small restaurant in Panama. I need to have a good and sound advice here, thanks..
Comment 15
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"A Place to Rest Your Head and Invigorate Your Soul"

I have over twenty years if successful experience in builder developer marketing, mortgage banking, interior, exterior and floor plan design including model home installation, construction, renovation, planning and zoning, real estate law (licensed broker) and B-B sales. The creation of a neighborhood with a true sense of 'community' encompassing eco-friendly construction, shared ammenities, green space and gardens with a lifestyle focused on health and rejuvenation sounds very appealing.
Comment 16
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When starting up a business, it is best to try to remember that creativity is the element that would drive the continued development of said business.
Comment 17
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Hi there guys, I am soon to retire and is wondering on what business I am to do if ever I decided to retire in the country of Panama. I hope to hear from all of you guys regarding this matter. I am indeed interested in making some good business in the said country. Keep posting some good advice people, they are all great help. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.
Comment 18
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Thank author of this post/comment"Moving to Boquete"

Our family will be spending about 6 month of the year near David because of my husband's job. Boquete seems like a great place. We have two young girls, 5 and 2. What are the schooling options? Do you know many other families? How is the rental market? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
Comment 19
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Hi there guys, for those who would want to know more about Boquete, you can check out the link posted below, here is what it had to say:

Comprehensive information on traveling to Panama and the Boquete - David area.

How to get there, where to stay, sites and entertainment

Panama is the southernmost Central American nation. Boquete lies in the northern highlands of the country.

Here is the link:

Comment 20
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Barbara Leonard

"Acupuncturist, Energy Balancing"

My desire is to help. We have so many people that are sick. Finding the way back home is often difficult and complicated. I have been treating chronically ill patients for 25 years, using electro dermal screening, acupuncture, pendulum (dowsing, ) spriritual healing and much more. Being a servant of mankind, I would like to make a move to a warmer climate where I can continue serving God's people ( my brothers and sister). I have a strong spiritual connection and I would like help to create a regeneration healing center with other like minded souls. I'am going to be in the boquete area on the 15th of April. Please contact me, If you are spiritually lead.

With Love and Sincerity

Barbara Leonard

Comment 21
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"12 hour days"

How do people from the northern US states adjust to the short days? We are intrigued by the idea of Boquete, but I can't imagine having nightfall at 6pm every day of the year. Will I miss the long summer days that I love so much in Washington state?
Comment 22
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New York
Thank author of this post/comment"Start the day early"

A few things compensate for it... beautiful "winters"... starting the day early... crisp fresh evenings.

What you may find more difficult to adjust to is the lack of seasons... at first missing the northern USA winters will sound delightful. After a couple of years you may feel a bit out of place.

Comment 23
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International Citizen :-)
Thank author of this post/comment"Shorter days year round"

Yes, the sun does drop about 6:30 pm all year round. It gets light around 6:00, so you have 12 hours of bright daylight.

In Washington state, through the winter (which seems to last forever). It doesn't get bright until late, and then it is dark at 4:30.

I would go to work in the dark, and it would be dark when leaving the office. You go months without ever seeing the daylight if you work indoors and don't have windows.


Comment 24
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Boquete/St. Pete Florida
Thank author of this post/comment"Boutique Hotelier & B&B operator"

This is what I do best. I need a refferal for a Panamanian partner and attorney.

Look for me soon!

Warmly, Lilly Rosa

Comment 25
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Don Berk


Will Have questions as we are moving to Boquete soon.
Comment 26
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PC Panama
Thank author of this post/comment"Douglas J"

I would like to know if anyone thinks a good honest and dependable renovation contractor could stay busy working in Boquete.I currently live in panama city and know the work habits of some panamanians are not so great.I have 25 years experience and origionally come from the U.S. I would appreciate your Input. Thanks
Comment 27
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Thank author of this post/comment"What is it like to live in Boquete"

I am planing to move to Panama -what is life like in this area of Boquete, David etc

Any comments would be much appreciated

Comment 28
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Arlington, Va
Thank author of this post/comment"honest handy men are always welcome"

honest handy men are always welcome - esp. if you do cash deals. this message is to Douglas J.

can you do electrics, and gas?

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    This post has a total of 28 replies. The most recent 25 were shown above, you can view the complete archive here: Boquete, archive. Your feedback, comments, opinions and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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