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03/01/09 15:42

current events panama

Where can I get up to date listings of current events in Panama City?
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Comment 1
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Welcome to

Panama Guide is the #1 English Language web site about the Republic of Panama. There are currently 9, 123 articles in our ever-expanding database and we update daily so check back often. During the month of May 2009 an average of 5, 656 people visited every day to follow current events and to use the other resources available. We provide English language Panama news as well as information about all of the other things you need to know if you plan to visit or live here. We focus on those topics and issues which are of greatest importance to the English speaking expatriate community.

Here is the link:

Comment 2
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I hope that link will help you to find the information you need

seems that there is plenty to do in panama, someone can tell me how is the security issue. Is it safe to go out at night?

Comment 3
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you will find a complete informayion of what to do in Panama and where to buy your favorites stuffs in Panama enjoy it!
Comment 4
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which are the main festivals that are celebrated in Panama?, which is the best time of year to visit? have carnival or some similar event, in which month?
Comment 5
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I have here a site where you can read about the most celebrated festival in panama, the carnival

The Carnival in Panama is the most expected and grandest occasion of the year. The feast is celebrated and would last for four straight days preceding Ash Wednesday. In these days, nobody sleeps and everyone is drinking and dancing and watching the parades and some competitions.

Check this link out to read more.

Comment 6
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That carnival celebration sounds a lot like the one that is held down in Trinidad and Tobago annually, either in the month of January or in February according to when Ash Wednesday begins. This day marks the end of the festival and has from ever since it first began. The year it started seems to escape me at the moment, but I believe that Trinidad carnival is one of the oldest in the world.
Comment 7
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I may be wrong about my facts, but if so, I would love for someone to correct me, please.
Comment 8
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Yeah, carnival is an event held even in Brazil. but i think they celebrate it differently. But sure there are lots of street dancing and colorful dancing ladies. I would love to experience one so I want to know the schedule of events in Panama. Please an updated Panama current events. Thanks a lot to all. Hope to hear from you guys soon.
Comment 9
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I believe that Panamanian carnival is held four days prior to Ash wednesday, every single year. Similar to Trinidad and Tobago, which holds the celebration just two days prior to Ash Wednesday, which marks the end of the season, in both countries.
Comment 10
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What makes Panama famous, definitely the carnival. With all those street dancing, people shouting and are so excited, the thrill of the huge crowd and lots of yummy and tempting foods, who can resist this beautiful country?
Comment 11
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I think that the history of Panama makes it very much a famous place, as well.
Comment 12
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I have to agree that Panama is indeed a great place to have a vacation and if possible to stay for good. I would also want to have a vacation in the said country but is having some difficulties in my schedule and my work. How I wish I can go visit the said country so that I can personally experience all of the things you guys are talking about.
Comment 13
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According to Brent and let me quote "history of Panama makes it very much a famous place", sorry to sound antagonistic about it but I don't have a single clue on the history of Panama which made it famous. What has this country undergone throughout the years which is considered to be an asset of this country? If this is regarding the world war and a bloody violence, isn't every country has their own story and history of such unforgettable feats? I do not think it is worth the bragging rights.
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