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09/11/05 12:18
rick ziereis

ex-pats living near david

Hi I will be near David this Jan. I would like to meet and speak with people living here. I want to retire down there. And would like to learn from others of things to do and not to do. I love the beach but I have heard that if you get up in the hills a little more you can get out of the heat. I have much to learn but years in which to make a move to be there. Thanks for your time and if there is a place on the web to go to learn more please let me know. Rick
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Comment 20
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Those social networking sites really is the best thing to go for if you want to really find a certain person. But unfortunately, the chance of finding a person using those sites wold be lessen if the person you are looking for has not yet making any account on any social networking sites.

But anyway, there is no harm on trying this searching method. Best of luck to you guys.

Comment 21
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Lynne & Lois Peck


Hi there; We are moving to David the first part of Feb. We have lived in Bocas del Toro for the past three years and decided we wanted the conviences of David that you don't have here in Bocas. Would liike to know if there is an X-Pat assco. in David and who can we get in touch with concerning this. Hope to make lots of friends when we move over there.


Comment 22
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Hi there to all.

I would like to know more about David. How is the way of living there compared to some other places in Panama. My husband really wants to try our luck and move there next year after he receives his retirement pay. We also hope to establish a small yet profitable business. Can you help me out with my concerns here? Thanks a lot guys. Have a good day.

Comment 23
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To comment #22

First I think you will love your decision to move to Panama. I have just a few questions:

1. Where are you moving from?

2. Have you check out the requirements to live in Panama?

3. Why did you want to move to David and not somewhere else in Panama?

My husband and I researched Panama for at least 1-1/2 yrs before we made our first trip. We spent a couple of weeks traveling around the country. We finally ended up in Boquete, which is about 35 miles from David. We didn't care for David as it can get quite hot. Something we're not use to. Boquete stays around 75 to 82 yr round. David is kind of hectic when it comes to traffic and a lot of poverty. The individuals we ran across were very nice. Just didn't like the town all that much. Research Boquete and you will see why we decided to live there. A lot of XPats live in Boquete and they have great restaurants and very nice hotels. We bought in Montanas de Caldera. Also go on line and look them up. As soon as we can get our home sold here in the states, we're gone..... Selling the house as been a real challenge, due to the current market. We have been trying to sell for almost 2 years. We too will be retiring as soon as we sell. If you need info on what it takes to retire to Panama, let me know and I can touch on that just a little as I have spoke on that several times in this forum. I check this site a couple of times a week. So if you have questions, be patient as I will be back.

Good luck

Comment 24
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Neil Otter


Hello :-) learning about Panama
Comment 25
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I have always been fund of "blog hopping" or going through my favorite subscribed websites. I can suggest if I am allowed to that if you want to know the life of expats living in David, you can try to narrow it down to personal and expat blogs on the net. blogging has now been a medium for expression of anyone on the globe so it would very much be likely that you will find a David-based blogger who can help you answer some of your most common questions related to David.
Comment 26
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palmiro mancosu

"gourmet chef togo"

reteiring this year, like to move to panama.over 40 years experience in food business in 4 different countries.higly skilled chef in italian, international cousine, cooking classes , catering, events, like to suplement mi ss income please advise me if any possibilities available in panama prefere david or boquete area. also consider working par time for family for small retribution.need place for rent in june ty for replay
Comment 27
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I must say that with those expertise that you have and with that long experience of yours, you can definitely see lots of work opportunities. But why not use your ss money on making your own restaurant? I mean, with that long experience of yours you can definitely get yourself in the food business. And also, Panama is a great location for retirees like you. It is very wonderful. Ciao.
Comment 28
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Richard B. C.

"Moving to David or Boquete"

My wife and I will be arriving in Panama in 3 weeks for a months stay. While we are there, we would like to speak with someone from David or Boquete concerning our move into one of these areas permanently before the end of 2010.
Comment 29
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"Moving to Boquete"

Get ahold of Jane Davis at Montanas De Caldera they are putting in a wonderful residential community. She is a fountain of info and very kind. We bought one of their homes and will be making the move by the end of the year. She has her email on their websit.

Good luck and let us know how it goes....

Comment 30
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"Moving to Boquete"

I forgot: Tell her Darlene and Mike said to get a hold of her and she will be more than happy to help...
Comment 31
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Panama-Central america
Thank author of this post/comment"LEGAL ADVICE"




Comment 32
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"Comment #23 Dar"


I am seriously considering moving to Panama and would love to find out more from you. Would like to be near the sea for fishing etc but think we would like to live in the Boquete area because of cool weather.

I would like to know your thoughts on living there. Is there a nice expat group? What are your thoughts on how much is required for retirement?

Thanks Scott

Comment 33
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Bob Vogel

"soon to retire"

I am Bob I'm 62 years old and I'm investigating the possibility of retiring to Panama, I hear it is much like south Florida so I already love the weather and I know that to get the nitty gritty on anything its best to speak with the ones who live there and thats why I'm writing to anyone who will correspond with me. Thanx in advance Bob
Comment 34
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Are any of you worried about living near a volcanoe? Would you have warning if it were to reactivate.

Thanks, Laura

Comment 35
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"Fernandez. "

hello, my boyfriend and I are in Buenos Aires and are thinking of moving to David- or near David in Panama.

Frankie and I don't case very much for the city. We live in Mendoza now and do enjoy getting fresh meat and fish and vegetables from the central market and are looking for a similar small town.

Is it very expensive? How much is a 1 bedroom with balcony near the beach? what about 20 - 30 min walk from it?

Any information will be very helpful :)

Thanks you!


Comment 36
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randy k

"american moving to david"

hello, my name is randy, i am a 41 year old single male from usa, i am moving to david feb 2 2011 and i will be staying at a hotel downtown david, i will be looking to rent a furnished apartment as close to the town center as possible, also i am looking to rent desk space in a office for business purposes, i have no contacts in david and any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Comment 37
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Thank author of this post/comment"What is it like to live in David?"

I am thinking about moving to Panama and wondered what it is like to live in David or Boquete? Please tell me!
Comment 38
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East Texas
Thank author of this post/comment"WANTING TO "FIT IN" WHEN I MOVE DOWN"

I am a retired professor, songwriter, real estate developer, pilot and after dinner speaker. My wife is retired from 21 years as art director of the Austin American-Statesman newspaper. We want to live in the highlands of Panama for about 5 months out of the year (January thru the middle of March and then July, August and half of September. I love to fish and have a 25 ft. inboard sportfishing boat I hope to bring down. I have a dear friend who was a pilot for Continental that also wants to come down and live next door or near where I live. He is single and simply enjoys being around good people for a good time.

I don't want to spend most of my time in the fog so I need to know where to look for a place that is still cool. David is like the place I now own in Texas temperature wise.

I am a decent home designer and have built and restored several houses. I would like to find a quality carpenter with a good helper and build my own

house...and possibly one for my friend as well.

I will be visiting David and Boquete...and possibly Volcan March 9 thru 15.

I would welcome any info on good contacts, good locations...and, particularly, good places to purchase land or houses. Thanks, Y'all

Comment 39
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Panama City
Thank author of this post/comment"Recently Moved"

Hello everyone,

I just recently moved to Panama two months ago from Guyana, South America. I was an economist at the Ministry of Finance in Guyana. Presently, I am going to spanish classes but would love to find a part time job in a bilingual environment so I can continue to work on my spanish.

If anyone is intersted I have an apartment to rent in the center of Panama city located in thge building of the Le Meridien Hotel on Avenue Balboa and Uruguay Street. Its two bedrooms and fully furnished. Available for both long and short term rentals. if interested write to me at appartmentpanama@ gmail. com

Comment 40
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New York
Thank author of this post/comment"Expats around David"

The general area of David, Panama seems to be really popular with expats. Are there any that can give us some current updates on the current situation, inside information, cost of living, especially decent rents? Surprises, what to expect there?
Comment 41
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Thank author of this post/comment"Expat Community"

Is the expat community around David well integrated with the locals, or it is focused on Fox News and conspiracy based websites?

ie: do the expats have a live, or are they just filling their minds with all the fear based nonsense coming out of the USA?

What percent are able to communicate their basic needs in Spanish?

Comment 42
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Thank author of this post/comment"Expats and locals"

From my view, (as a friend of a friend), there are many expats that have relationships with girls who speak both English and Spanish, and that often gets you into the lives of the locals, (they have lots of family, and you can really do a lot of good if you want).

There are some expats that are invisible to all, and I`ll bet that is what they were like back home. Nothing wrong with that, if you want to escape, what a great place, Panama.

Comment 43
05/04/14 13:55
Thank author of this post/comment"Retire."


I would like some info. about David/Boquete. I am retired, wife not yet.

I will come down in Fall/Winter to scoope out.

I am looking for an apt/hotel for 2 weeks to find some accomadations (2 Br

1Bath or so). Travelled a lot in my life, Europa, Midddle Am. South Am.

Thanks for anny info.

Klaus B

Comment 44
05/05/14 10:58
Thank author of this post/comment"Retire?"

Hi Jim,

I am looking in the possibility to retire in Panama; David/Boquete are my

sites. You have the same questions I have; any input, you want to share;

I put a note on this website already.


Klaus B.

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