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07/19/09 14:32
Donna Guge

Cost of living and homes or rentals

Would also like to know the weather, altitude, and if it is close to any volcanos.A7so the cost of a live in housekeeper, cook, & driver who can do errands. Also need to know the cost of living, homes prices or rentals.
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Comment 1
07/20/09 13:12

Weather in Panama can vary greatly depending on the area you live. The coastal areas run around 85 - 90 degrees. While the highland areas can run 68 - 85 degrees. No active volcanos in Panama. No hurricanes, no tsunami's, just great weather. You can have a live-in housekeeper for around $300. a month or one that comes 5 days a week 7/8 hours a day for around $150. a month. She can do the cooking as well. Cabs are very cheap, or you can hire a on-call driver for what ever you two agree on. Home prices are a lot less than in the U.S. Home prices can vary depending on how you want to live. You can get a home real cheap if you aren't that particular. But if you want modern and nice you can get a condo for anywhere from 100k and up. Again, depending on your personel needs. You can get a very nice home built to your specifications in a gated community for 250K. Go to Montanas de Caldera's website, they have a great development they are building. We just purchased there. Its in Boquete. Rent can run $200. to $1000. a month.

Now, make sure if you hire help, you go to a attorney and draw up a contract. It will cost you around $75. for the attorney, but it is well worth it. It will spell out what is expected of your maid. You will have to pay into their social security, but it is not expensive. If you don't pay into their soc. sec. and they get sick or in an accident, you will have to continue to pay them a wage. That's why it is very important to go through a Panama law firm. (No surprises)She or He will know what you will pay for and what you won't pay for.

Comment 2
12/13/10 22:41
david white


cost of rent cost of maid one with a car and can speak english contact me
Comment 3
12/28/10 23:45
Alpharetta, georgia
Thank author of this post/comment"renting an apartmentand social life for a single man"

i would like to know what i can expect to pay for rent on a apartment in a nice area? and what is it like for a single man living in panama alone>
Comment 4
01/13/12 17:39
Puerto Armuelles - Beach Town
Thank author of this post/comment"costs"

To hire a maid costs about $160 a month.

The cost of a car varies, of course, depending upon the car.

You can definately buy a good used car for about $8K

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Comment 5
01/13/12 18:11
New York
Thank author of this post/comment"Social Security"

What are the obligations for social security or other employment taxes, insurance, etc. Also do you need to pay a Christmas bonus, vacation pay, and a fee when/if you terminate employment?

Are there "dangers" for hiring a maid "under the table"? Any suggestions on finding an honest maid?

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